Yard Waste

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General trash pickup


Springfield city ordinance requires every household to sign up for weekly trash pickup. Prices for city residents are $11.75 per month for one can of garbage per week and $14.25 for two cans. (Recycling can be included for no extra charge. See details below.) The main private residential waste haulers in Springfield are:

  • Allied Waste, 522-7797
  • Waste Management, 523-5497 (800-607-5474)
  • Illini Disposal, 566-3470
  • Lake Area Disposal, 522-9317

    Oversized items

    Springfield residents can call Allied Waste at 522-7797 to schedule a free home pickup of oversized items. Crews will haul away up to three large items, such as mattresses, furniture or appliances. Only one of the items can contain Freon. Additional items can be collected at the same time for an extra charge. Call Allied Waste for details.  Residents are limited to one free pickup per 12-month period.  The program is open to Springfield residents living in homes with up to four units. It is not available to apartment complexes or mobile home parks.

    Other options for getting rid of large items:

    Sangamon Valley Landfill, 2565 Sandhill Rd., 528-9256. Call for cost details.

    F & W Resources, 3327 Terminal Ave., 528-1649. Call for cost details.

    Waste Management of Illinois' transfer station, 3000 E. Ash St. - Accepts large piles of solid waste, including remodeling and demolition debris and bulky items. Also accepts large appliances without Freon. Typical charge is $45 per ton of material.

    Mervis Iron, 1100 S. Ninth St. - Accepts and recycles large metal appliances without cooling units free of cost. A $15 charge is applied for each unit that needs Freon removed.

    Yard waste disposal

    The Office of Public Works provides branch collection from May through November. Place your branches in front of the curb for collection. There is no set schedule for collection and no need to call to receive services.

    Evans Recycling at 2100 J. David Jones Parkway, M-F 7:00 am to 6:00pm, and Saturday from 7:00 am to 2:00 pm.  If you have questions about what is excepted please call Evans direct at 391-0886. View the Branch Pickup Map.

    Grass and leaves - Banned from being included with general trash, with the exception of sweet-gum balls. Grass, leaves and other yard waste must be placed in paper yard waste bags or in an enclosed can marked "yard waste." The bags or containers must have a special sticker from your waste hauler's company in order to be collected. The stickers cost $1.50 each and are available at haulers' offices and various hardware stores.  The $1.50 stickers are not required on yard waste bags during the city's yard waste pickup programs, held in the spring and fall. Fall collection is usually in November.

    Springfield curbside (blue box) recycling

    Residents living in buildings with up to four living units can sign up by calling their private waste haulers. Recycling pickup is already included in customers' garbage pickup fee. Items accepted:

  • Paper - clean and dry newspapers, junk mail and chip board (single-ply cardboard used for cereal, tissue, magazines and soda boxes).
  • Plastic - all plastic containers except for No. 6.
  • Metal - food cans, aluminum beverage cans, pie tins, clean aluminum foil, empty aerosol cans that did not contain paint.
  • Glass - only clear bottles and jars accepted. No glass window panes or dishware. Some haulers take colored glass. Check with your hauler.
  • Preparation guidelines: Paper products should be separated from metal and plastic items. On rainy days, the recycling box may be covered with plastic to keep paper dry. Items that contained food should be rinsed out. Lids and rings and protective foil coverings should be removed from container openings; labels may remain. Clear glass bottles and jars should be placed in a separate paper sack.

    Hazardous materials

    The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency coordinates hazardous household waste collections at various locations statewide during spring and fall. Check http://www.epa.state.il.us for details and dates. Acceptable items at the collections include:

    Oil-based paints (no latex), paint thinners, herbicides, insecticides, pesticides, old gasoline, pool chemicals, cleaning products, mercury, household batteries, used motor oil, drain cleaners, lawn chemicals, solvents, antifreeze, hobby chemicals, aerosol paints and fluorescent lamp bulbs.

    Other specific items

    Tires - Can be brought to various service stations, including Johnson & Johnson Auto Service Center, 1325 Stevenson Drive and Midtown Tire and Auto Service, 2110 Clear Lake Ave. Each store charges between $2 and $5 to get rid of one standard-sized tire.

    Used motor oil - Can be brought to various service stations, including all Auto Zone locations in Springfield, and Johnson & Johnson. Each location has various limits and charges. Call for details.

    More information

    To get answers to other questions about waste and recycling call 217-789-2255.