Neighborhood Associations

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Neighborhood Associations With Officers 2012 PDF

Bunn Park Neighborhood Association
     President:  Jamie Adaire, 2113 South 14th Street, Springfield, IL 62703, (h) 217.527.8511

C. Lee Carey Neighborhood Association
     President: Margaret Griffin, 1813 East Laurel, Springfield, IL 62703, (h) 217.726.5824

Collingwood Estates Homeowner's Association
    President: Brad Sullivan
     Contact:  Troy Scott, 3312 Collingwood Dr, Springfield, IL 62711-9695, (h) 217.726.5824

Country Club Manor Association
     Contact:  Edward LaBelle, 1300 Southern Hills, Springfield, IL 62704, (h) 217.546.3956

Country Place Condominium Association
     President:  Debbie Potts

     Contact:  Keith Farmer, 230 Country Place, Springfield, IL 62703, (h) 217.529.4398


Deerwood Lake Homeowner's Association
     President:  Dennis Tackett, 5412 Deerwood Lake Drive, Springfield, IL 62703, (h) 217.529.5023


Downtown Springfield Neighborhood Association (DSI)
     President:  Cindy Davis
     Contact:  Victoria Clemmons, 3 W. Old State Capitol Plaza, Springfield, IL 62701, (w) 217.544.1723


Eastview Neighborhood Association
     President:  Jacqueline Gragg, P. O. Box 20785, Springfield, IL 62708, 217.306.4383


Enos Park Neighborhood Improvement Association
     President:  Steve Combs, (h) 217.494.6668   

Glen Aire Neighborhood Association
     President:  Emmett Hale, 37 Glen Aire Drive, Springfield, Illinois 62703, (h)217.529.5783


Grand Central Neighborhood Association
     President:  Aaron McEvoy, 1603 South College, Springfield, IL 62704, (h) 217.528.0923


Green Haven Neighborhood Association
     Contact:  Margie Paoletti, 3218 Green Haven Dr., Springfield, IL 62707, (h) 217.787.3753


Harmony Court Homeowner's Association
     President:  Kevin Switzer, 1100 Harmony Court, Springfield, IL 62703, (h) 217.529.4911


Harrision Park Homeowner's Association
Curt Trampe, (h) 217.971.4865


Harvard Park Neighborhood Association
     President:  Polly Poskin, 2361 South 7th St., Springfield, IL 62703, (h) 217.741.3264


Hawthorne Place Neighborhood Association


Historic Westside Neighborhood Association
     President:  Carrie Becker
     Contact:  Kurt DeWeese, 716 South Douglas Ave., Springfield, IL 62704, (h) 217.546.5834


Hyde Park Neighborhood Association
     President:  James a Finchum, 6 Roosevelt Road, Springfield, IL 62703 (h) 217.741.4884


Iles Park Neighborhood Association
     President:  Jesse Hunter, 1901 South 7th St., Springfield, IL 62703, (h) 217.789.6664


Irisdale Homeowner's Association
     President:  Jay Inghram - 2432 Basil Dr. Springfield, IL 62707.  217.553.1030. 


Jefferson Park Homeowner's Association
     Contact:  Ronald Knox, 2508 Churchill Rd., Springfield, IL 62702, (h) 217.546.6504


Koke Mill East First Homeowners Association


Koke Mill East Second Homeowner's Association
     President:  Michael Kaiser
     Contact:  John Sams, 2301 Heather Mill Ct., Springfield, IL 62704, (h) 217-787- 0365


Lake Pointe Homeowner's Association
Nona Myers
     Contact:  Courtney Reed, 6525 Winterberry Ln., Springfield, IL 62712, (h) 217.585.9115


Lincoln Park Neighborhood Association
     President:  Dave Clark, 401 E. Keys, Springfield, Illinois 62702, 217.789.7867


Mather & Wells neighborhood Association
Betty Starks, 1400 E. Jackson St.
, Springfield, IL 62703


Mill Creek Estates Homeowners Association, Inc.
  James O'BrienThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Near South Neighborhood Association
Michelle Gillen, 1500 South Fourth Street, (h) 217-381-3618


North Lakeshore Neighborhood Association
President: Daphney Randle, 2316 Mallard Pointe Court, Springfield, IL 62712, 217-585-0743


Oak Ridge Neighborhood Association
     President:  Chris Spinner, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Oaks Neighborhood Association
President:  John Williams, Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ,phone 217-725-4327


Old Aristocracy Hill Neighborhood Association
     President:  Mark Wells
     Contact:  Judith Pensoneau-Feurer, 919 South 8th St., Springfield, IL 62703, (w) 217.525.6690


Pillsbury Mills Neighborhood Association
     President:  John Keller, 1421 E. Division, Springfield, IL 62702, (h) 217.789.0649


Pioneer Park Neighborhood Association
     President:  Angela Harris, 1202 E. Capitol, Springfield, IL 62703, (h) 217.753.3634


Piper Glen Subdivision Association Inc.
     President:  Richard Voltz, 2608 Westport Dr., Springfield, IL 62711, (h) 217.483.9551


Salem Estates Home Owners Association
     President: Robert Craghead  Contact: Kathleen Workman at 217-787-5424  Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Scarborough Place
      President: Robin Oblinger
      Contact:  Chad Cargnino, 4201 Thyme Dr., Springfield, IL 62711  (h) 217.793.8699


Sherwood Neighborhood Association
      Contact: Tracy Owens, 62 Crusaders Rd., Springfield IL 62704 (h) 217.546.2622


Springfield Inner City Older Neighborhoods Association
     Contact:  Carol Kneedler,  (h) 217.528.9803


Springfield Lake Shore Improvement Association
     President:  Garrett Deakin, 13 Cottage Grove, Springfield, IL 62712, (h) 217.529.8973

 Springfield South Corridor Neighborhood Association
     President:  Steven T. Dunker, (h) 217.522.3548 or (c) 217.725.9511


Those Who Care With Integrity
     President:  Denise Reeves, 2161 South 19th St., Springfield, IL 62703, (h) 217.544.4083


Trevi Gardens Homeowner's Association
     President:  Melissa Buchanan, 134 Genoa Dr., Springfield, IL 62703, (h) 217.529.2981


Twin Lakes Homeowner's Association
     President:  Shane Overby, 217.753.1681



Val-E-Vue Neighborhood Association
     President:  Elizabeth Simpson, 4 Ranger Dr., Springfield, IL 62702, (h) 217.546.0186


Vinegar Hill Neighborhood Association
     President:  Judy Ingham, President, 424 W. Vine, Springfield, IL 04 (217 544-5642, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Walnut Glen Homeowner's Association
     President:  Richard Myers, 300 Bourbon St., Springfield, IL 62707, (h) 217.487.9137


Washington Park Improvement Association
     President:  Donald H. Evans, 1050 Williams Blvd., Springfield, il 62704, (h) 217.793.1904


Washington Park-Knolls Neighborhood Association
     President:  Cathy Sorensen, 1501 Noble, Springfield, IL 62704, (h) 217.793.1130


West Jackson Parkway Association
     President:  Peter Boltuc
     Contact:  Diane Grottola, 424 West Jackson Parkway, Springfield, IL 62704, (h) 217.544.5634


West Koke Mill Homeowner's Association
LuAnn Johnson, 3313 Elderberry Lane, Springfield, Illinois 62711, (h) 217.546.2953


Westchester Residents Association
     Contact:  Connie Fegan, 3309 Jennings Dr., Springfield, IL 62704, (h) 217.698.7487


Westwood Forum Inc. Neighborhood Association
     President:  Charles Ludwig, 2713 Bennington Dr., Springfield, IL 62704, 217.793.9125


Youngston-Holliday Hills Homeowner's Association
     President:  Gary Freeman, 57 Emporia Ave., Springfield, IL 62702, (h) 217.546.7855