City of Springfield, Illinois

James O. Langfelder - Mayor

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Corporate Fund Overview

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Proposed City Budget

City and department focus in
FY 2020

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Budget Priorities - Your Input

City Services

How familiar are you with Springfield City government?
Excluding electric and water services, what is the last City service you used?
How many times on the last twelve months have you contacted the City of Springfield for assistance?
What department did you contact for assistance?

What do you feel is the most important thing the City of Springfield can fund in the upcoming budget year?

Please rank the following services provided by Public Works

Maintaining traffic signals and street signs
Repainting faded crosswalks and pavement markings
Ensuring sewer lines are clean and flowing
Cleaning and repairing storm drains, culverts, and inlets
Preventative maintenance like ditching, crack sealing, etc.
Filling potholes
Replacing damaged sidewalks
Repaving streets and alleys
Removing unwanted debris from streets and sidewalks
Removing yard waste and branches
Planting new trees and maintaining city landscape
Providing tree pruining and removal services
Providing services to address fly dumping and trash
Enforcing property maintenance codes like grass, weeds, building, etc.
Providing recycling service for hazardous waste
Providing recycling service for electronics
Providing recycling service for large items
Enforcing building and zoning codes for development and construction
Maintaining downtown cleanliness and open green spaces
Installing downtown holiday decorations, flags, and banners
Responding promptly to hazardous weather


Please fill in the following information about yourself

What is your gender?
How many children under the age of 18 do you have living in your home?
How long have you lived in Springfield?
What is your age bracket?
In what Ward do you currently reside?
What are your top two ways you get your information related to city news and updates?

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