City of Springfield, Illinois

James O. Langfelder - Mayor

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Booth-Grunendike Mansion

Booth-Grunendike Mansion

500 South 6th Street, Springfield, IL

The Booth-Grunendike Mansion is perhaps the best remaining example of Second Empire residential style architecture in Springfield. The 5000 square foot home includes a grand central pavilion flanked by symmetrical side pavilions. The characteristic mansard roof, arched doors and windows with glass upper panels, and deeply carved wood moldings are typical of Second Empire architecture. The lot at 500 South Sixth Street had a residence as early as 1850 constructed by Edward B. Pease. However, the current structure was likely built around 1870. Pease owned a hardware store on the south side of the Old State Capitol. Amasa Booth owned a successful wagon and carriage business he inherited from his father. He purchased the home in 1881, and Booth's daughter, Mary Gruendike, lived in the house until her death in 1965 at the age of 102.