City of Springfield, Illinois

James O. Langfelder - Mayor

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Hoogland Center for the Arts

Hoogland Center for the Arts

420 South 6th Street, Springfield, IL

The building at 420 South Sixth received landmark status from the City of Springfield because of what the building has added to the richness of our community and its many remaining architectural details. Since 1840, the Masons have been a part of our community. Since 1909, the Masonic Temple and, now, the Hoogland Center for the Arts, have provided a gathering place for community leaders. The renovated space incorporates offices and storage areas for the 14 different art groups that are housed at the Hoogland Center. Finally, the basement dining facilities built in 1961 could seat 800. The Dining Room has been reconfigured to allow for the orchestra pit and now seats 300.

Initially, the Masonic Temple at 420 South Sixth, was the hub for Springfield citizens and families to socialize and become engaged in civic activities in Springfield. United States Senator Stephen A. Douglas is perhaps the most famous Mason inducted from Springfield. Prior to 1960, the Masonic Temple was housed at 420 South Sixth beginning in 1909. In 1960, the Masons built a large addition to the original building and placed a limestone and brick facade to both buildings. Bill Turley was commissioned as the architect for the addition and renovation of the Masonic Temple. Mr. Turley was also the architect for the YMCA and the Thomas Rees Memorial Tower and Carillon. As part of the renovation, Mr. Turley utilized a limestone facade for the original building. Similar limestone usage can be seen as part of the design for both the Carillon and the YMCA. Telephone number 217-523-2787. Web site