Neighbors by Ring App

Neighbors by Ring App

The Springfield Police Department has a partnership with the phone app - Neighbors by Ring. This collaboration will provide the department another method to share information about what is going on throughout the community in real-time with residents including crime and safety incidents.

The Neighbors by Ring app allows users to share videos from Ring cameras or any other camera system by uploading their content to the app. Other users and the Springfield Police Department can then view videos and post information about crime and safety through the platform.

The Springfield Police Department will only be able to view those videos posted in the app, and will not have remote access to residents’ cameras or videos. Utilizing the Neighbors by Ring app, the Springfield Police Department can also request users to submit videos that are relevant to an active investigation.

The app will not be monitored by law enforcement 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Users still need to report criminal activity to the Springfield Police Department’s non-emergency dispatch at 217.788.8311 or in emergencies by calling 911.

This partnership is one more way the police is working with the community to combat crime.