Safe Passage Initiative

me tooThe Safe Passage Initiative is a revolutionary policing program that changes the way the Springfield Police Department handles individuals with addiction. This program is a partnership between the Springfield Police Department and the Gateway Foundation, and ensures Springfield residents suffering from drug and/or alcohol addiction receive the immediate care and treatment they deserve.

How does the Safe Passage Initiative work?

The Safe Passage Initiative is intended to aid those struggling with addiction into recovery.

Any Springfield resident who enters the Springfield Police Department or approaches an on-duty Springfield police officer and requests assistance with their drug and/or alcohol addiction will be entered into the screening process for the Safe Passage Initiative. If entered into the program, those who are in possession of a personal-use amount of drugs or drug paraphernalia will not be criminally charged. The Springfield Police Department will dispose of the items turned in by participants.

Together we hope that anyone struggling with addiction will seek assistance through the Safe Passage Initiative, without fear of being arrested.

If you are battling addiction, or know someone who is, please contact the Springfield Police Department at (217)788-8325 or the Gateway Foundation at (217)529-9266.

NOTE: The following may result in ineligibility from the program:

  • Outstanding arrest warrants;
  • Three (3) or more drug-related convictions;
  • Under 18 years of age, without parent/guardian consent;
  • Having a medical condition that may require hospitalization;
  • Person is a danger to others;
  • Registered sex offender; and/or
  • Previous Safe Passage participation without completion.