City of Springfield, Illinois

James O. Langfelder - Mayor

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Decker House

Decker House

303 So. Glenwood Avenue, Springfield, IL

This 1864 Italianate style house is likely the oldest structure in the Doyle Subdivision that resulted from Springfield’s western expansion in the mid 1860s. The gothic style wraparound porch is supported by split-faced blocks and has eight full-length Tuscan columns set on brick piers and surmounted by acanthus leaf Corinthian tops, fancy cornices and reliefs.

The main entrance on the east elevation has an oval vestibule light door surrounded by full-length sidelights. All front-elevation windows are double hung and have lug trim (mission) wood. The south elevation is notable for its overhanging three-side calet bay window.

The kitchen retains a tin ceiling with cornice and corner plates intact. The interior wood reveals markings from hand chisels and displays superior craftsmanship. All doorways have three-paneled transoms.

The overall construction speaks to the quality of craftsmanship used in the early expansion of the city’s western borders.