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Springfield’s Aldermen and Alderwomen

We are an Aldermanic-City form of government. It is an honor and a privilege to serve as your voice on the Springfield City Council. There are 10 Wards across the City and each Ward is represented by one elected Alderperson. All 10 Aldermen and Alderwomen make up the City Council, along with the Mayor, City Clerk and City Treasurer. Because the Alderpersons positions are part-time, the City has a full-time Council Coordinator who assists in facilitating conversations and communications between constituents, the Alderpersons and the City.

Below are the Aldermen and Alderwomen who represent the City of Springfield. You may reach out to them directly by clicking on their image or name, or you may contact the Council Coordinator’s Office at 217.789.2151.

Do you have questions about which Ward you reside in or where your business is located?

2023 Ward Map