Housing Rehabilitation Assistance

  Community Development Block Grant Programs

The following programs are made possible through Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Funds which is a federal program issued by the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development. To learn more about these programs, please contact the Office of Planning and Economic Development at info.OPED@springfield.il.us or 217.789.2377.

Minor Home Repair

The City grants CDBG funds for emergency correction of building code deficiencies and other minor repairs of single-family, owner-occupied dwellings to improve the condition of housing stock and keep homes safe and affordable. Examples of items which may be repaired are condemned furnaces, faulty wiring, or actively leaking roofs.

Major Home Repair

The City uses available HOME funds to subsidize the code rehabilitation of single-family dwelling units owned by qualifying low to moderate income families or individuals with a zero percent, deferred, forgivable loan; within low income census tracts. This program’s purpose is to improve the condition of housing stock and keep homes safe and affordable.

How To Apply

City residents wishing to apply for the CDBG housing rehabilitation programs must first submit a Prescreening Questionnaire HERE. Once the prescreening questionnaire is completed, staff will contact you to discuss the programs available, the program that may work for you and the full application process. Required documentation will be collected at a later time once it is determined that you qualify and you are able to apply for the funding.

Please email the completed questionnaire to Info@OPED@springfield.il.us. You may also call the City at (217) 789-2377 to answer the questions over the phone. Please review the questionnaire and gather the information before calling.

Paper prescreening questionnaires can be submitted to the Economic and Community Development Department using the address below. You can print the paper application HERE.

Office of Planning and Economic Development
Attention: Community Development
800 E. Monroe, Room 108
Springfield, Il 62701

If you qualify, you will be scheduled to attend an Intake meeting where you will fill out a complete application and provide required documentation. You will be notified of the optional dates and times after you are prequalified for the program.

Note: This program is subject to available funds and federal authorization. Federal funding sources require the mitigation of lead hazards. The extent of mitigation is dependent on the amount of federal funds provided and the work required.

Required Documentation

(Additional documentation may be required to determine program eligibility)

  • Most Recent Federal Tax Return
  • Verification of Income (3months paystubs, Social Security award letter, Pension)
  • Bank Statements (3 moths of current bank statements for all checking and savings accounts)
  • Mortgage Statement & 12 month payment history
  • Proof of Home Insurance
  • Utility Verification (Current CWLP & Ameren Bill)
  • Property owner must qualify under HUD income guidelines.
  • Owner occupied or privately owned residences only. If privately owned, the renter/applicant must qualify under the HUD income guideline

SCIL Ramp Program

The City grants CDBG funds to the Springfield Center for Independent Living (SCIL) to provide disabled homeowners and renters with ramps and other modifications to increase accessibility and help them remain in their homes.

New Development of Affordable Housing

The City uses CDBG funds to finance the construction and or rehabilitation costs for affordable rental and homeowner units developed by Non-Profit housing providers that will offer safe and affordable housing to low to moderate income persons.