Neighborhood Police Officers

Springfield Police Department

The Springfield Police Department has eight patrol officers called Neighborhood Police Officers (NPOs) The NPOs are each assigned to one of the eight beats that make up Springfield and work hard to improve the quality of life in those neighborhoods. The NPOs actively work with the residents to identify issues and concerns in their areas and develop appropriate solutions. The NPOs also serve as liaisons between the Police Department and the various neighborhood associations throughout the city. Unsure which beat your neighborhood is in?

Locate your beat on the map below. You can find all the Neighborhood Police Officers names and contact information below the map.

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NPO Contact Information

NPO Officer Beat 1

Beat 100

Officer Monica Dorsey
NPO Officer Beat 200

Beat 200

Officer JaMarae Davis
NPO Officer Beat 300

Beat 300

Officer Lamar Moore
NPO Beat Officer 400

Beat 400

Officer Timothy Collier
NPO Beat Officer 500

Beat 500

Officer Joe Vose
NPO Beat Officer 500

Beat 500

Officer Joe Bridges
NPO Beat Officer 600

Beat 600

Officer Josh Davis
NPO Beat Officer 700

Beat 700

Officer Loren Pettit
NPO Beat Officer 800

Beat 800

Officer Jason Leach
Homeless Outreach Team Coordinator

Homeless Outreach Team Coordinator

Officer Michael Newman

Community Care Coordinator

Shanon Allen
Supervisor Sgt.

Supervisor Sgt.

Sgt. Don Rummans