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The Accounting Division is responsible for the management and maintenance of all financial records, coordination and preparation of the annual City-wide audit, required financial reporting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and fixed asset management. The division provides on-going assistance to field agencies.


The Administrative Division houses the administrative staff. The division manages the Tax and Revenue Administration functions and is charged with the preparation and execution of the annual property tax levy. Oversight of the OvenGov open access database is also housed in this division.


The Budget Division is responsible for the planning and evaluation of City expenditures. The budget staff works closely with City agencies to formulate the annual budget. The staff reviews pending legislation for cost impact and performs on-going trend analysis on a variety of key performance indicators. All ordinances, purchase documents, and personnel transactions are reviewed by the staff to determine short and long-term fiscal impact prior to management approval.

   Facility Maintenance

The Facility Maintenance Division maintains the City’s main campus downtown of the Municipal Centers East and West and the Lincoln Library. The staff provides daily janitorial services, minor repair services, grounds keeping, and oversight of major repair projects.


The Payroll Division performs all the duties associated with payroll production for 1,500 plus employees including: database updates, payroll tax reporting, benefit time accrual maintenance, training and assistance to all field timekeepers, and annual W-2 reporting.


The Purchasing Division administers the City’s Purchasing Code. The division manages the preparation and execution of the bidding process to ensure fair and equitable opportunities for vendors. The department provides assistance to agencies in the acquisition of small dollar purchases to ensure favorable pricing. The division also manages the annual City auction and the City’s inventory of surplus property.