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Division II - Fire Safety

Duties and Procedures

The Fire Safety Division of the Springfield Fire Department is focused on promoting a safe community for residents and visitors in the greater Springfield area. The Division is organized under the Division Chief who also serves as the City Fire Marshall. Fire Safety is accomplished through the application of several ongoing programs. Our Fire Safety programs include:

    2022 Fire Safety Annual Report

    Standard for Residential Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Fire Code Enforcement

Code enforcement is one of the most cost-effective methods of providing fire safety within the community. Fire codes safeguard the public’s health, welfare, and life safety. When you enter a building, you expect an alarm to warn you in the event of fire. You also assume that you will be able to safely exit the structure. This is something many take for granted. That’s because our fire code enforcement officials make public safety their number one priority through regular inspections.

Fire Investigations

Fire Investigators are responsible for investigating the cause, origin and circumstances of fires occurring in all areas protected by the Springfield Fire Department. The Fire Safety Division also maintains officers who are qualified to investigate Arson. The quality of their training and dedication has resulted in an arrest record higher than the national average. These efforts help to preserve and protect the safety of our neighborhoods.

Fireworks Safety

To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, city ordinances require that all outdoor fireworks displays, as well indoor pyrotechnic displays, comply with requirements contained in the NFPA 1123 Code for Fireworks Display, 2000 Edition. Under the direction of the City Fire Marshall, applications are reviewed and permits are issued for those that qualify.

Plan Reviews

Plans for new construction or changes to existing structures that require a permit are reviewed for fire code compliance under the direction of the City Fire Marshall. This ensures that current codes and standards are being followed where applicable so that occupants are protected by automated detection and warning systems, sprinklers and accessible and easily identified exit routes.

Public Education

Without a doubt, one of the keys to fire safety is educating the public to protect themselves and others. Our Public Education programs include all ages and areas of life. Unique to Springfield, is our Adopt-A-School program developed to support fire education in our schools. Another way we reach youths is through visits to the Children’s Safety Village, a multi-purpose facility dedicated to providing both classroom and hands-on safety demonstrations. It includes a full size “House of Hazards” for practical training in a safe environment. Other areas of public education include Residential Fire Safety, Workplace Fire Safety, Emergency Action Plan Assistance, and Fire Station Tours.

Juvenile Intervention

This program reduces fires in our community which are set by children. It is designed for children between the ages of 4 and 15 years of age. However, children of any age will be considered for participation based on individual review.