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Division III - Training

Duties and Procedures

On April 8, 2013 fifteen recruits started their career with the Springfield Fire Department. The firefighters will completed their one year probation period in April of 2014. Training consisted of Basic Firefighter, Technical Rescue Awareness, Fire Apparatus Engineer, Vehicle Machinery Operations, Hazardous Material Operation, Fire Service Emergency Vehicle Operator and Emergency Medical Technician. Classes through LLCC were done at the Children Village and class liaisons/instructors organized every step towards their certifications. All fifteen started the program physically as well by daily training at the Club.

The Training Division organized and was responsible for Fire Department personnel completing 43,369 hours of firefighter training. We implemented a Quarterly Training program and with the AEGIS system we are able to track the training times needed for different needs, such as ISO, practical’s for OSFM certifications, and EMS certifications.

The Hazardous Material Team members performed 898 hours and the Technical Rescue Team completed more than 1,170 hours of training throughout the year. Special Team members received 975 hours in Advanced Certification training that was completed and made possible through MABAS.

The Training Division partnered with the Human Resources Department and organized and designed the Promotional exams for the Captain’s and Battalion Chief’s Eligibility List. Together the departments also structure the Firefighter Employment Eligibility Testing.

Annually the Training Division has overseen the safety inspections for all the departments’ ground ladders and aerial ladders. The training officers within the Division oversaw testing and inventory on every length of hose and nozzles on all fire apparatus. Also annual testing is done on driving the fire apparatus’s, fit testing of SCBA mask, and blood pressure checks.

The Division also tracks the yearly training personnel do towards their certifications with Office of the State Fire Marshal. The department supplies the State Fire Marshal with the hours and cost of the training on a yearly basic and is reimbursed for a percentage of the cost.