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Division IV - Technical Services

Duties and Procedures

The Technical Services Division’s duty is to recommend, implement, and maintain electronic technology-based devices, software and systems used by the Fire Department. This includes the Fire Department 800 MHz radios, Aegis/MSP Reporting software, Aegis/MSP Computer-Aided Dispatching (CAD) system, the Aegis/Mobile (mobile computers) communications system, fire station alerting, Early Warning Signals and Key Secure units in the department’s apparatus. Division 4 is committed to researching new technology and equipping our personnel with the best management, information and public safety technology attainable.

The Technical Services Division serves as a liaison between the Fire Department and the city Information Systems Division. The division with assistance from the Information Systems Division maintains all computers, computer software and printers that are used by fire department personnel. It also maintains the passwords and computer security of 228 personnel.

The Division is the Early Warning Signal representative for the fire department and in charge of monthly testing and alerting the public in case of danger. It also assists with troubleshooting the system.

Division 4 works closely with other city and county agencies to insure the continual flow of information necessary for everyday operation as well as emergency responses to major disasters and incidents. They are the fire department contact for Aegis Public Safety Software and the Sangamon County E911 center.

One of the goals of the Technical Services Division is to provide accurate, timely information and statistics for the fire department, city administration, responders, and the general public so they can make informed decisions and predictions about protecting themselves and others. The Division is responsible for reviewing the reports that are generated by calls for service and is also responsible for the data migration of reports to the Department of Homeland Security (FEMA) and then to the Office of the State Fire Marshall for the National Fire Information Reporting System (NFIRS) compliance.

Division 4 maintains relationships with the city and county GIS community and is responsible for the generation and distribution of accurate maps for the fire department.