Crime Stats

Springfield Police Department

The Springfield Police Department monthly crime statistics format has transitioned to the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) NIBRS is the means to modernize crime data reporting. It’s not just crime counts, but detailed information about who, what, when, why, and where. NIBRS standardizes the capture and reporting of richer data from local, state, tribal, and federal law enforcement agencies.

  • A better picture of crime in our community, which allows for proactive-not reactive responses and resource allocation to problem areas.
  • Richer data, gathered comprehensively, provides a mechanism to examine multi-jurisdictional patterns and trends.
Criteria for Distinguishing Between Group A and Group B Offenses


When reporting data to the FBI UCR Program via NIBRS, the Springfield Police Department (SPD) must also classify the offenses within an incident as Group A offenses or Group B offenses. NIBRS requires differing levels of detail in reporting Group A and Group B offenses.

The SPD must report both incidents and arrests for Group A offenses, and they must report only arrests for Group B offenses. The Group A offenses are the more serious crimes such as; Murder, Rape, Robbery, etc. Group B offenses tend to be minor in nature, such as Curfew/Loitering/Vagrancy Violations, Disorderly Conduct, Driving Under the Influence, etc.

The SPD uses the following criteria to determine if a crime should be designated as a Group A offense:
  • The seriousness or significance of the offense.
  • The frequency or volume of its occurrence.
  • The prevalence of the offense nationwide.
  • The probability SPD becomes aware of the offense.
  • The likelihood SPD is the best channel for collecting data regarding the offense.
  • The burden placed on SPD in collecting data on the offense.
  • The national statistical validity and usefulness of the data collected.
  • The FBI UCR Program’s responsibility to make crime data available not only to SPD but to others having a legitimate interest in it.

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