Crime Prevention Tips

Reducing and deterring crime takes the community and law enforcement working together. Please take a few moments to review the below information to keep from becoming a victim.

Burglary and Theft from Motor Vehicles and Motor Vehicle Parts

Approximately 85% of all burglary/theft from motor vehicles and motor vehicle parts, the vehicles were unlocked. Often times these burglaries lead to other crimes such as residential burglaries because garage door openers or keys to the house are left in the vehicle which allows easy access to residence. Additionally (28) firearms were stolen from unlocked cars in 2018. Please take a few moments to secure your valuables, hide or remove your garage door opener and lock your car doors.

Lock It Or Lose It.

Motor Vehicle Theft

In approximately 74% of all motor vehicle thefts in 2018, the keys were readily accessible to the suspect (taken by someone known to the victim) or the keys or fob was left in an unlocked car. Please do not leave your car running unattended or leave spare keys or key fobs to the vehicle in question or another vehicle nearby in the vehicle. Always secure your vehicle.

E-Commerce Exchange Zone

The Springfield Police Department has partnered with “LeadsOnline” to assist with tracking and recovering stolen merchandise. When an item is sold to a pawn shop the product information, including serial number, is entered into the “LeadsOnline” database. The system allows detectives to search for the items leading to the recovery of stolen items. The Springfield Police Department encourages all residents to use “ReportIt”, a secure, free, online service which allows citizens to record serial numbers and upload images of their valuables. Should those items ever be stolen, investigators will have the necessary information to assist in recovering your belongings.

Report It.

False Alarm Systems

In 2018 approximately 99% of all burglar alarm calls were false due to operator error or system malfunction. While we value and encourage the use of alarm systems we ask that you please properly maintain your system and train the all operators and users. Responding to false alarms ties up valuable resources and prolongs responses to other calls for service.