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Focused Deterrence

Focused Deterrence

Springfield experiences a disproportionate number of gun violence concentrated in a small area of the city. Gun violence destroys communities, rips apart families, and cultivates fear.

 Focused Deterrence is recognized by the Department of Justice as an evidence-based best practice and is aimed at reducing gun violence in Springfield. Together, community members and law enforcement work to identify individuals who are responsible for a high percentage of violent crime in our city.

These individuals receive a united message from the community and law enforcement – the violence must stop now. Offenders are given a choice: stop the violent behavior, or face swift and certain consequences.

Focused Deterrence is unique in that we offer concentrated assistance to offenders who wish to turn away from violence and embrace positive change. An assortment of social services, coupled with a mentoring component, is available to each offender who agrees to participate in our program. Services offered include:

  • Education assistance
  • Job skills/soft skills
  • Mentorship
  • Mental health
  • Substance abuse treatment
  • Assistance finding employment
  • Assistance finding housing


A unified group of community leaders, residents of the high crime area, church officials, business owners, civic organizations, and former offenders are working together to take back their neighborhood and restore peace.


A comprehensive network of social services dedicated to providing appropriate resources to enable offenders to embrace a non-violent lifestyle.


Law enforcement, corrections, and prosecution are ready to respond with swift and certain consequences when violence erupts.