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Waste & Recycling

   Room-to-Room Booklet (2016)

Springfield’s “Room-to-Room Guide to Household Reuse and Recycling” provides guidance on how to get rid of unwanted household items. This handy booklet lists more than 150 different items/materials and where to donate them in the Springfield area so they will be reused or recycled and not landfilled. From eye glasses to wire hangers, office machines to tools, you will be amazed at the number and type of items organizations and businesses in and around the City of Springfield will gladly accept. Can’t find what you are looking for? Call the Office of Public Works: Waste & Recycling at 217.789.2255.

Click here to view the guide online.

   Other Resources

The following list are other outside resources to help residents safely dispose of their unwanted items.

DISCLAIMER: These sites listed are for informational purposes only. The City of Springfield does not endorse any of these entities nor their services. If you’d like to suggest other resources for our Waste & Recycling Guide, please contact Kristina LoRusso at