City of Springfield, Illinois

James O. Langfelder - Mayor

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General Trash Pickup

    Waste Management Update 9/17/21

Due to a staffing shortage, Waste Management, one of the City's waste hauling options, has scaled back their recycling pickup from one time a week to every other week. To help with recycling overflow, residents are allowed to have multiple 18 gallon or less containers curbside for collection. Containers must be marked “recycling” and be stacked or placed next to each other. If recycling still remains uncontrolled, residents can take recyclables to their haulers permanent recycling drop-off site during normal business hours. Waste Management’s site is located at 3000 E. Ash St. During the 60-day extension, Waste Management will be working on shifting out their residential customers 18 gallon city blue bin with a larger 64 gallon Waste Management wheeled cart. Any questions, please contact Waste Management.

    General Trash Pickup

Effective July 1, 2016, waste haulers in the City of Springfield are limited to charging customers no more than $15 per month for one container of refuse of at least 35 gallons during weekly garbage pickup and no more than $18 per month for two containers of refuse (or one container of 75 gallons or greater), for weekly pickup service. No external fees or charges (e.g., bin, fuel, environmental, administrative, etc.) can be applied to refuse collection service.

Waste haulers have also agreed to assist the city in alerting the Office of Public Works when they sight fly dumping on their daily routes. They are required to collect all garbage at their customer’s site and may charge an additional fee if it is in excess of the customer’s weekly pickup service. If you have any questions and/or issues regarding your trash service, please call your waste hauler first and then the Office of Public Works if you still have questions and/or issues.

  • Lake Area Disposal Service - 217.522.9271
  • Republic Services - 217.522.7797
  • Waste Management - 217.523.5498